HAG started in 1977 in a small town in India, on a simple belief; to keep the time honoured tradition of carpet weaving alive and provide the local community a platform to showcase their skills and maintain their cultural identity. Over the decades, HAG has carved a niche for itself in the rug industry, by sheer commitment to the craft, constant innovation and focus on the highest standards of quality.

We take pride in being one of the few companies that still make hand-knotted rugs up to a premium range of 400 knots per square inch and also have the facility to provide high quality hand-woven rugs in commercial quantities. Additionally, we also produce hand tufted, broadloom, handloom and Tibetan rugs in various price points, as per program specifications. We use only the highest quality of yarns and dyes, and our finished products go through rigorous stages of quality control, before they are ready to be shipped.

We have an extremely efficient production infrastructure, with an in-house dying unit, washing facility, loom division and finishing department. The operations are further enhanced by our highly competent team of graphic designers, biochemists and production managers, capable of delivering optimum results in the most competitive environment. We also provide a modern, fully equipped design studio to our customers who have the freedom to experiment, invent and create rugs of their own choice.

We have serviced buyers throughout the United States and Europe for over twenty five years and continue in our endeavour to develop and revolutionize our product range and quality of service. We love to collaborate on design partnerships for commercial as well as custom projects. We are proud to share a part of our heritage with the world, and believe that our carpets are not just floor coverings, but an extension of their owner’s identity and individual taste.

01. Design

In 40 years of craftsmanship we have created thousands of designs that has been loved by millions of patrons worldwide. The design process is a bespoke one and it has always been our endeavor to hand craft beautiful carpets that inspire.

02. Create

We hand craft quality rugs that are made to not only last but to inspire through generation to another. Our traditional way of making carpets hasn’t change much in the last 4 decades and we intend to preserve this art in its root form.

03. Inspire

The rooted form of this art of making carpets while in this modern era of everything machine, the use of traditional colors, the hand drawn design, hand woven, hand washed and hand dried, everything will inspire you.

Meet our team

Mr. Atti Khan
Director And CEO
Saad Bin Mushtaque
Mr. Parvez Alam
Lead Designer
Mr. Shafique Ahmed
Mr. Devendra Dudey
Mr. Varis Ali
Lead Co-ordinator
Mr. Shamshaad Ansari
Asst. Co-ordinator
Md. Zahid
Floor in-charge
Mr. Badruzzama
Senior Accountant
Mr. Taufique Ansari
Asst. Accountant
Md. Rizwan