Our artisans create some wonderful rugs that our clients love to pick from. Usually, a customer gets what is required. Yet, we do not want to be limited. We know some of us look for custom designs. So, if you are looking for custom made rugs that reflects your style then welcome to our HAG Carpet your fine place to get custom/tailored rugs.

Here are 5 Steps to getting the bespoke rug you have always desired:

  • With the help of pom colours and materials we, through discussions, will create artwork
  • Next comes CAD visual
  • Based on what has been chosen, we pick colours and dye the yarns.
  • First a sample is made. When approved, the experts move forward.
  • Then, follows the rigorous work of making the whole rug

We have successfully provided and delivered our bespoke services based on the notion of creating artistic woven designs by employing an ethical and fully transparent craftsmanship process of quality.

Our dedicated team consults and oversees the whole process, from the selection of design and threads to placing the rug in our client’s space. Taking into consideration your interior design and colour palette, we collaborate with our design partners to recommend stunning and unique artistic rug designs of various colours, textures and weave construction methods that would perfectly reflect your desired style and ambience.