Let us take you through the process, as quick as possible


Carding: We start with carding. This is the first step that involves detangling wool with hands.

Spinning: After carding is done the wool is spun in wheel.

Dyeing: Our talented Dye Masters do this step and it is, of course, the most important step. Once dying is complete, yarns are left to dry, naturally.

Graphs: In the simplest way, this can be called the blue print of the design.

Knotting and Weaving: This is where our artisans get active and put in their talent to work. Based on the graph received, the knotting and weaving is carried out.

Washing: Washing will help in binding of the dye into the yarn and it will also make sure that the fabric of the rug is smoothened.

Stretching: When the rugs emerge out of the loom, it is not straight. Hence, it has to be stretched.

Drying: The roofs are essentially used in drying out the rugs. Also, all other possible places in and around the premises are utilized for this purpose.

Shearing: Using a shearing machine, the rugs are shaved to the required height.

Clipping and Carving: Using hands and scissors the designs are carved out and contoured. This helps in accentuating the design.

Binding: In the final stage the sides of rugs are wrapped up with yarn. Now, the rug is ready.

So, these were all the steps involved. It may be hard to believe that every step is done by hand. But we, definitely, do it. Hence, our products surpass the benchmark of elegance.