Different units work in unison to create beautiful rugs. Rugs are of many types. We have specialized in almost all

We are essentially traditional. Now, that has not stopped us from adapting modern means of production. We have always walked with time and made our processes of production up-to-date. With amalgamations of art and technology, our rugs are the finest handmade rugs. Each generation has picked up the art of rug-making and added its own expertise. This has enriched HAG Carpets over time and we have ever since flourished.

Dyeing, washing, loom division and finishing all are done within the watch of skilled workmen and they are excellent at what they do. Design studio is by far one of our most modern approaches to carpet production. If a customer is looking for a particular type of design and quality then we have the provision to work with them in our studio. More information over that will be under the section HSC Studio.


Design is what gives the edge to our rugs and for what our customers come pouring in. If quality is on point but designs are repetitive, then it is difficult to survive in such a competitive market. Therefore, we keep our designs dynamic. It has evolved over time. Yet, we hold on to basics and produce both modern and classic designs.


Process of creation not just involves the art of rug making but also the philosophy, brain storming and research of our teams. From acquiring skilled workforce to sound management and distribution and creativity, everything worthwhile goes into what we finally get as the finished product. If you are looking for a company that believes in holistic approach to create, then here we are!


Don’t know to what extent, but we and our team have been doing great work to inspire young aspiring companies in this industry. Our experience in this beautiful industry has earned us a respect that we value more than anything. Our every step towards in creation is meant to keep up to that hard earned respect.