Explore Designing Our designs are bespoke with 4 decades of inspiring designs using traditional and modern methods of doing the same. Research CAD Hand Drawn Naksha Pom Selection Final Collaboration Yarn Selection

Explore At HAG Lab we carefully choose the right mix of colors and dye our own yarn. Dyeing Process BACK Color Lab Shade Pass Dyeing Process Dyeing Process Drying

Explore Our craftsmen hand make the carpets in traditional methods. Weaving Process BACK Handloom Durrie Handloom Knotted Tufted Knotted Tufted

Explore We have a very strict quality guidelines and we do not compromise on the quality of output. QC BACK Overall Check Proportions

Explore Our washing process is very traditional. Washing itself needs trained resources and is an art in itself. Washing BACK Washing Washing Washing Drying